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Lista de melhorias do Service Pack 2 na família Revit 2013

O texto foi mantido em inglês. Apenas copiado do site da Autodesk.

Update Enhancement List
Improvements made in Update 2 build (20121003_2115):

Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2013 Enhancements
• Improves stability when upgrading 2012 project which contains analytical walls.
• Improves stability when adjusting multiple sketch lines of a floor at the same moment.
• Improves stability when editing the gutters on a roof object with the Add/Remove Segment tool.
• Improves stability when renaming a Stair run type or landing to ‘none’.
• Improves stability when using the ribbon Cancel Edit Mode button to exit Stair Edit Mode.
• Improves stability when using an open profile for a wall sweep.
• Improves stability when splitting a wall.

Autodesk® Revit® Platform 2013 Enhancements
• Improves stability when Save to Central or Sync with Central.
• Improves stability when utilizing Create Assembly Views from the project browser.
• Improves stability when editing a label within the family editor.
• Improves stability when saving file to a location with low disc space.
• Improves stability when launching Export gbXML – Settings dialog.
• Improves stability and memory usage within graphics display.
• Improves stability during IFC data import which contains openings with no usable geometry.
• Improves stability when importing IFC data which imported into Revit 2012 with warnings.
• Improves import of clipped solids during IFC import.
• Improves IFC Export to support buildingSMART International IFC certification.
• Improves stability when linking or attached DWG files.
• Improves stability of printing after Export to DWG or DXF format.
• Improves stability when creating, duplicating or deleting a material in the Material Editor.
• Improves the retention of part parameters within a part upgraded from Revit 2012.
• Corrects ribbon tab population after installing .NET 4.5
• Improves stability while editing calculated values within a schedule after deleting a parameter used in a formula.
• Improves stability with schedules which contains a filter based upon a user defined parameter and elements in linked files do not contain the user defined parameter.
• Improves stability when opening Sun Settings dialog.
• Improves stability when editing Text Notes.
• Improves stability when upgrading Revit 2012 project to Revit 2013.
• Improves stability when moving a Crop Region which utilizes the disjoin option.

Improvements made in Update 1 build (20120716_1115):

Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2013 Enhancements
• Improves stability when closing a sketch editor, such as slab, site, etc., which create a large number of points.
• Improves creation of U-shaped winder stairs.• Improves stability when editing winder stairs.
• Improves performance when many railings exist within a project.
• Improves stability when support type is not defined for stair.
• Improves railing representation in coarse view.

Autodesk® Revit® Structure 2013 Enhancements
• Improves placement of analytical nodes when in 3D views.
• Improves stability when enabling “Show Analytical Model Categories in this View” when the
Warning dialog is open.
• Improves creation consistency with Physical Wall when coping an Analytical Model Wall.
• Improves stability when editing an Opening within an object which spans to the boundary of an
Analytical Surface.
• Corrects the reporting of the “Structural Parameter” on slabs.
• Improves masking of linked files by Mask and Filled regions in Structural Views.
• Improves stability when placing Rebar.
• Improves stability when copying Area or Path reinforcement between projects which have
differing value for the Reinforcement Project Setting: “Host structural rebar”.• Improves visibility of round rebar when displayed in fine detail level.

Autodesk® Revit® MEP 2013 Enhancements
• Corrects the Slope value on placeholder pipe when slope is greater than 15 degrees.
• Improves consistency when applying a slope to a layout which contains a transition.
• Improves stability when splitting pipes which belong to different systems.
• Corrects visibility of the center line when displaying rise/drop symbols.
• Improves stability when opening a Revit 2012 project which contains a pipe placeholder schedule.
• Improves consistency of unit formatting within Panel Schedules .
• Improves consistency of adding circuits to equipment that are connected to a pipe or duct system.
• Improves stability when adding a device, which is connected to a wire, to a circuit.
• Improves display of annotation on duct and pipe transitions.
• Improves stability when inserting duct fittings.
• Improves stability when opening projects from previous versions of Revit.
• Improves stability during Copy/Paste operations.
• Corrects display of solid filled regions with transparent backgrounds.
• Allows exporting of materials painted on elements to ODBC.
• Improves performance of opening and closing sketch mode in projects with many families.
• Improves stability when setting a Design Option as the Primary.
• Improves stability when Fixed Distance option for a divided path.
• Improves stability while browsing to Revit Server when there is no network connectivity.
• Improves export consistency of Space and Zone elements when multiple elements have the same name and number.
• Allows Raytrace mode to work with DirectX 9.• Improves stability when using Raytrace mode with Hardware Acceleration disabled.
• Improves Raytrace mode rendering output.
• Improves Surface Transparency override by element for multiple selections.
• Improves printing consistency when tone mapping is enabled.
• Disables Sun and SunPath from being rendered in Raytrace mode.
• Improves stability when using manual exposure in Raytrace mode.
• Improves stability when rendering views.
• Improves stability and performance when using visualization features like Sky, Exposure, and
• Improves stability when importing IFC data which contains special characters.
• Improves the setting of custom parameter values during import of IFC data.
• Improves stability when importing IFC data which contains an invalid line pattern.
• Allows Markups from DWF to be exported to DWF.
• Improves stability when drag and drop a DWG file into a Revit project.
• Improves stability when importing DXF data.
• Improves dimension fidelity when exporting to DWG with export units set to Meter.
• Improves alignment of hatch and fill patterns when exporting to DWG.
• Improves stability when selecting a new host for an element within an In-place Wall.
• Improves section creation within a project with linked model.
• Improves stability when working with Materials.
• Improves the displayed Pattern Type assigned to an element with the Material Editor.
• Corrects the display of the materials category within the Paint interface.
• Corrects the printed display of fill patterns within perspective views.
• Improves stability of Type editing when multiple element types are in the selection set.

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