sexta-feira, novembro 03, 2006

Futuro do ADT

A propósito dos rumores que surgiram acerca do futuro do Architectural Desktop durante o 1º Workshop dedicado ao BIM, realizado em Lisboa no passado mês de Setembro, Julian Gonzalez, da Autodesk, publicou este esclarecimento:

"Pedro and all, I can assure you that there are no plans to discontinue ADT, AutoCAD, LT or Revit Building (all products that we offer customers for designing buildings). We are currently investing heavily in the development of all of our products as well as in researching customer requirements. In addition to many customer visits and attending industry conferences around the world, our 2 ADT product managers and our Revit Buildling product manager are also looking to get input from a greater number of our customers. Perhaps you"ve seen the new ADT & Revit customer council"s ( & that we launched a few months ago. The ADT council is available in English and German language versions while the Revit Building council is currently only available in an English language version. As our customer base continues to grow - ADT install base is approaching half a million! and Revit"s install base has broken past the 100K barrier! - it is more and more important for us to reach a broader and more representative sample of our customers.I apologize for the comments of non-Autodesk personel that may lead you to believe or question the future of any of our products. I can assure you that our European GEO and country managers have been notified of the situation with instructions to clarify our positioning and business direction with this person.In the future, I hope that you feel free to e-mail me directly with any information regarding comments made about any of our products that raise a concern about the longevity of the software and the protection of your investment in money, time and training.Julian"

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